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As a beauty fiend, I did this university branding project on cosmetics. Social media platforms such as Instagram heavily influence beauty trends, it is interesting to see the wave of the ‘more is more’ makeup trend slowly passing, while the strive for the ‘glow’ is steadily making its way back. As consumers are more aware of their ingredients, where they come from and their journey, the amount of clean beauty brands have been growing.

I created a brand which produces beauty products made with ethically sourced natural ingredients. For this project, I designed and produced 4 deliverables.


Promotional Photographs.

The purpose of these photographs were for promotional and advertising reasons. For this shoot, I wanted to highlight the natural ingredients used in the products. Drawing inspiration from beauty editorials, I used brightly coloured fruits for the background. As I shot these photographs in sunlight, I wanted each slice of fruit glisten in the light, bringing to mind picnics, the great outdoors and fresh fruit on a hot summer day.


Unit Carton: Design

For the design of the unit carton, I looked at a range of beauty packaging of all shapes, materials and products. Most importantly, I noted down the types of information labelled on a beauty product. As this was a clean beauty brand claims to use recycled materials for packaging, I tested different types of recycled card to make the carton.


Website Design

I designed a website that customers can browse, buy products and also get a feel of the brand and its aesthetics. The design of the site uses the same colour scheme as the other deliverables, making sure that even though showcased and used on a different platform, it still forms a cohesive story and is part of the overall brand identity.

The landing page of the site (below), captures the users attention with an introduction of a new product, and features an option for the user to purchase said product right away, by taking them to the buying page (further down).

Scrolling down the landing page to the 2nd section, the user is presented with an option to learn more about the brand, its values, mission and sourcing information. The 3rd section promotes several products that allows users to be taken to the purchase page immediately. These highlights prevents users from scrolling through too many products.


Look book

The look book introduces the brand to customers, and can be placed in stores or accompanied with online purchases. It features the types of look a user can achieve with the products and also other types of products the brand has created.


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