Jo Lee - Portfolio


Internship Brief: To design a campaign for’s employer brand, to attract graduates to apply for tech roles at the company. Given the tagline ‘We Live For The Holidays’, the campaign had to suggest that life at the company would be like a vacation.

ISSUE: Many companies are looking for graduates to apply for their tech roles. However, fresh grads sometimes limit themselves or are unaware that non-tech companies are also in need of talent. Furthermore, their job advertising needs to be refreshed to appeal to millennials/Gen Zs, the generation that most graduates are from.

SOLUTION: Create a fun campaign, with a refreshing, light hearted approach that allow graduates to have a feel of the company’s culture.


Since the campaign was for tech roles, I used old school gaming visuals, specifically Pac-Man, for one of the poster design. Instead of of mazes, I used metro lines of different cities around the world. The second poster design was focused on the office environment, to suggest that life at the company is like having an island holiday.


colour scheme

Instead of using blues and greens, I used pinks to match lastminute’s brand identity.


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