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The Mooncake Festival


Mooncake Autumn Festival

The brief for this project, titled ‘Mainstage’, was to create a brand and visual identity for a cultural festival. For this project, I wanted to introduce the Mid-Autumn Festival, an event that is held in many parts of Asia, to as many Londoners as possible. During this period, a pastry called the Mooncake, will be enjoyed by people of all ages. Although there is already a Mid Autumn event in Chinatown London every year, not many locals are aware of it, or are not interested.

ISSUE: Many events held in Chinatown do not maximise their full potential in terms of reaching out to a diverse range of visitors. They tend to use very traditional colours or visuals that might appeal to people who are accustomed with the traditions, but not to potential visitors who are unfamiliar with the culture.

SOLUTION: Incorporating a fun, modern colour palette and illustrative elements to create a brand for this festival. By pairing this visual identity with the reintroduction of the Mooncake, I believe making use of food and a refreshing visual approach would be more ideal to entice more visitors.


Festival logo

(Above, from left to right) Sketches on my initial ideas for the logo. Before settling on the name ‘Mooncake Autumn Festival’, I started off with variations of a symbol of a lantern, representing the Mid-Autumn. I sent out surveys on Google, asking people of different ages what they would be most interested in: Eating Mooncakes or learning about the history of Mid Autumn, and majority were interested in Mooncakes.

Settling on ‘Mooncake Festival’, I created a 3D form of the name on Illustrator (below), using the colour scheme I created earlier. As the target audience of the festivals were mainly families and children, I looked at the title designs from children’s movies, comics and books. I wanted to replicate the child-like essence from these titles for my design.


Fantasies and Food

Studio Ghibli’s unmistakable style of food animation had always drawn me in. The colours always looked so vibrant, the food looks so delicious and they always remind me of home cooked meals. The foods are always of delicious bright colours, and the style of drawing is very round, with no sharp edges, to make it look soft and delectable.


website design

For visitors to learn more about the event, I designed a website on Sketch that has all the necessary information, such as dates, time, address and the schedule of events during the festival (below). I utilised the same colour scheme to ensure that the website is on-brand and features the same visuals as the other deliverables.


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