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ikea: assembling your career

Internship Brief: Choose any company, and design a campaign to attract fresh graduates to apply at chosen company.

ISSUE: Looking for jobs can sometimes be a tedious process and graduates looking for jobs endlessly scroll through and browse for jobs on sites like Linkedin, Indeed, etc. Many companies advertise job openings that can get lost among others, which may delay potential candidates from coming across it.

SOLUTION: A simple yet extremely accessible method in attracting potential candidates to visit the job page. Not only is it convenient, but it also allows candidates to know that the company is targeting their age group by utilising platforms that they use.


I chose Ikea and created visuals for their Instagram stories. The story feature on Instagram is an extremely accessible method in attracting users to visit the page. I felt a campaign on social media would be ideal as many fresh grads are part of an age group who are the biggest users of social media.



Taking the DIY culture that is strongly associated with the company, I came up with the tagline ‘Come Assemble Your Career With Us’. The poster (left), is a brief job specification and is designed to resemble their in-store price tag.


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